You’re probably wondering how can I help you. The answer is quite simple:

  • If you’re a small business or a corporations, a legal firm or a professional:
    • I can translate your contents from English and French into Italian (but not the other way round), provided these contents are related to “my” domains (see below!).
    • I can review a translation by someone else, to ensure that style, grammar, terminology etc., are as perfect as they should. I am also active in the field of post-editing (i.e. reviewing Machine Translation content).
    • I can review your originals written in Italian, to ensure they are simply perfect: app interfaces & related contents, Web sites, marketing materials, reports, presentations…
  • specialties
    • IT & localisation (software in general, Android and iOS apps)
    • marketing & business communication
    • legal and financial documents
  • projects & clients
    • Apple (Knowledge Base and help documentation)
    • Microsoft  (software localization, help online, user manuals, consumer content and Knowledge Base)
    • miscellaneous legal content for the EU
    • Amazon (legal documents and product descriptions)
    • OSRAM (Web content)
    • Cisco (technical and marketing content)
    • Adobe (technical and marketing content)
    • Palo Alto Networks (technical and marketing content)
    • CA Technologies (technical and marketing content)
    • Lectra Corp. (software, help on line, internal documentation, marketing content)
    • Dior S.A. (advertising and Web marketing content)
    • Google
    • The Omni Group (personal productivity apps)

Since a few years I have been working also as a MT post-editor.

I know what you’re thinking: “how much?“. I don’t know… yet. My fee depends on multiples factors and I’ll be glad to discuss it with you. Just drop me a linetweet me, or send me a message on Facebook or Linkedin