You’re probably wondering how can I help you. The answer is quite simple:

  • If you’re a small business or a corporations, a legal firm or a professional:
    • I can translate your contents from English and French into Italian), provided these contents are related to “my” domains (see below!). In said domains, and in specific instances, always with the assistance of an mothertongue reviewer, I also provide translations > EN (UK and US).
    • I can review a translation by someone else, to ensure that style, grammar, terminology etc., are as perfect as they should. I am also active in the field of post-editing (i.e. reviewing Machine Translation content).
    • I can review your originals written in Italian, to ensure they are simply perfect: app interfaces & related contents, Web sites, marketing materials, reports, presentations…
  • specialties
    • IT & localisation (software in general, Android and iOS apps)
    • marketing & business communication
    • legal and financial documents
  • projects & clients
    • Apple (Knowledge Base and help documentation)
    • Microsoft  (software localization, help online, user manuals, consumer content and Knowledge Base)
    • miscellaneous legal content for the EU
    • Amazon (legal documents and product descriptions)
    • OSRAM (Web content)
    • Cisco (technical and marketing content)
    • Adobe (technical and marketing content)
    • Palo Alto Networks (technical and marketing content)
    • CA Technologies (technical and marketing content)
    • Lectra Corp. (software, help on line, internal documentation, marketing content)
    • Dior S.A. (advertising and Web marketing content)
    • Google
    • The Omni Group (personal productivity apps)

Since a few years I have been working also as a MT post-editor.

I know what you’re thinking: “how much?“. I don’t know… yet. My fee depends on multiples factors and I’ll be glad to discuss it with you. Just drop me a linetweet me, or send me a message on Facebook or Linkedin