about me


  • My name is Laura Dossena. In 1999, I graduated in Law from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan (Italy), specialising in International Law; but just before finishing my degree I started translating and I was immediately hooked.
    I have been working as a professional in the translation field since 2000.
  • I am a perfectionist (some would say I am slightly obsessive). And this translates into the following (pun intended!):
    • I mainly translate into my native language, Italian, (my mother tongue), and only in my specialisation fields, to guarantee the best quality and accuracy.
      Translations into English are provided in limited domains and always with the assistance of a mother tongue reviewer.
    • I don’t do outsourcing: I don’t provide services in language pairs and specialization fields other than mine
    • Yes, I did deliver a translation later than expected once. I had an accident and I called my customers to let them know while I was being prepped for surgery: for me, deadlines are that important.
  • I have been using CAT tools since… forever – along the way, I obtained a few certifications:
  • Education and training are essential, even when technology-unrelated:
  • I simply love talking and sharing about my work:
    • in January 2017 I launched my first online course, about CAT tools from a business prospective (in Italian): 
      “Gli strumenti CAT, il traduttore e il mercato” 
      (CAT tools, the translator & the market)
    • I teach one-on-one courses for translators about translation technology and CAT tools in particular
  • Things I am passionate about (other than translating!):
    • home exchange: I happen to be Intervac Ambassador for Italy! In the pic above, you can see me in Union Square, NYC, during an amazing exchange in the Big Apple
    • running, Pilates, mindfulness: in other words, trying to stay as healthy and sane as possible!